Sharp Knee Pain when Bending

Sharp Knee Pain When BendingIf you are experiencing sharp knee pain when bending, take note that this can be due to various conditions. Some of the conditions that can cause pain in your knee include the following:

  • Quad Tendonitis: this is a condition where the tendons in your quadriceps become inflamed and irritated. This can be due to various activities or stress. The common symptoms of such condition include swelling of the knee, warm or burning sensation, stiffness and a tender feeling when moving. The treatment may include proper rest to repair the condition and relieve inflammation. You can also use an icepack for the swelling or opt for OTC drugs against inflammation.


  • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: this is a very common knee problem. This can be due to stress or overuse of the knee which results to the pain in the front area. It can also be due to lack of smooth tracking between your joints or due to an injury. The symptoms may include pain in the kneecap, increased pain when sitting or doing any activities, mild swelling and snapping and popping sound. The treatment for such condition includes stretching and exercising. You can also use OTC medications or ice packs to reduce the pain. Bracing your knee can also provide a better support and stabilization.
  • Chondromalacia Patellae: this can be defined as the wearing off, softening or blistering of the cartilages right under your kneecap. Take note that the cartilages are responsible for the smooth movement of the joints when bending, but if the cartilage is damaged, it can cause sharp pain in the knee and discomfort. The symptoms of chondromalacia patellae usually include pain and discomfort when performing activities that involves bending of the knee. Fullness in the knee, swelling and tightness are common symptoms as well. Suggested treatments for this condition include anti-inflammatory drugs, ice packs, massage and exercises. For severe pain, this requires immediate medical attention.

Any discomfort or injury in the knee should be treated immediately to prevent the condition from worsening. Knee conditions can hinder your mobility so it has to be taken care of as soon as possible. You should also perform regular knee exercises to strengthen your knee and prevent any injury and sharp knee pain when bending.


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